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We  have stepped away from large agency practices who treat their clients as an account number, at netMarketing we know you by name and we understand your needs, we believed that our community deserved a local company who would represent their values.

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Let our experts write and edit your content to ensure it performs and is suited to your needs

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Using proven tools and tactics gain traction in your industry


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Execute a strategy that gets you ahead

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Stef WozniakStef Wozniak
09:37 21 Oct 21
NetMarketing did a fantastic job with our website. Our basketball club approached them in asking them to update our outdated website and they were responsive and helpful. They guided us through designing the website and took on our ideas and brought them to life. Communication was second to none and they responded to our emails promptly. Any changes were updated promptly. I would recommend NetMarketing to anyone.
Nigel AdamsNigel Adams
00:04 13 May 20
Very approachable, professional and easy to work with. They understand what is needed and get on with delivery with great expertise in web design and build. Their ongoing website support and organic search options has been great. Bringing wonderful results for our business.
Ainy PersadAiny Persad
08:05 18 Feb 15
With so much going on on the internet, it is difficult to list out the ways to effectively market your product/service using the right social media and other digital marketing avenues. Thanks to Net Marketing, I can put these worries to rest now. It's so refreshing to have them by my side. Thanks a lot guys! Keep up the great job!
loken kharelloken kharel
05:51 18 Feb 15
Fantastic Internet marketing service. its the best way to build best digital marketing. It is really helpful for me and other any people who want to build digital marketing quickly. I like internet marketing and this one is one of the great sites. Thank you for sharing to us and good to send us message.
Monjurul AlamMonjurul Alam
08:04 17 Feb 15
Really humbling. In fact, I am eagerly waiting for this kind of service for long time. I found each and everything I want to have. Mind-blowing and the easiest way of Internet Marketing. Thanks a lot...

We honour the trust our customers place in us and represent the community with honesty and integrity, while using the best of current technology

We support independent community-based companies

Dr Dingle Case Study

Working with Dr Peter Dingle, understanding his target audience and his unique brand we were able to increase his Site conversions by 70%.

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Answers to Your Questions

How long will it take to see increases in traffic

Traffic is typically a direct result of an increase in rankings. Once your rankings begin to increase, you will also begin to see gradual increases in traffic to your website. Keep in mind that new rankings and traffic are not instantaneous, it takes a few months to complete the necessary updates and get them indexed before you will begin to see these increases.

Should I also do PPC?

Pay Per Click is a great additional strategy to supplement your SEO efforts and can help enhance relevant traffic. Depending on your particular website, industry and the competitiveness of the keywords you want to go after, a good agency will recommend PPC on a case-per-case basis.

Why should I continue SEO once I’ve gotten good rankings?

Achieving the rankings is only half the battle. Since the search engines are constantly evolving and updating their algorithms, your rankings can fluctuate from one day to the next. Maintaining current rankings is just as involved as getting new ones; it takes constant research, updates, and testing to keep your URL ranking in the top positions. Discontinuing SEO after you’ve achieved rankings will result in a loss of rankings fairly quickly.

Once I start how long will it take to get rankings?

SEO isn’t an overnight strategy. The first few months are dedicated to making updates to your site and waiting for the search engine spiders to crawl and index the changes. Depending on your website, the amount of work it requires, and the crawl frequency of the search engine spiders, it typically takes 3-9 months to begin seeing new rankings.

Which Search Engines receive the majority of searches?

Google obtains the majority of search traffic, with about 67% total searches. Bing comes in second with about 17%, then Yahoo with roughly 12% and the remaining Search Engines all total about 4%.

How often do the Search Engines update their algorithm or search equation?

Only the techs behind the search engines know this answer for sure, but Google’s head of Web Spam, Matt Cutts, has been quoted saying that more than 500 updates are made each year. Since the search engines are constantly evolving and changing, it is crucial to stay on top of the changes, make constant updates on our end, and only use strategies that are ethical and sustainable.

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